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key plus words / 平田志穂子 Feat. 川村ゆみ
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作詞:LOTUS JUICE  作曲:目黒 将司
プチリリ再生回数:16371 回再生
hide and seek it wants
to play again
(like a detective,
I won't let it get away)
it's constantly costuming
with loads of fake
(I will strip search
if I have to)
no I'm not afraid to
know it no no no
(I am so determined)
to chase after what's
hidden and seize
this day this moment
(wanna know)
ENTER KEY to accelerate
(wanna go)
ignition turned on
it's about the time to
drive to truth
(wanna seize)
stranger than any movies
(wanna see)
ignorance is not bliss
(they say that truth
will out)
(can't keep on hiding)
There's no turning
back now
I'm gonna go on
I'm gonna go get
what I want

myst is covering my
peripheral vision
but my determination is
mind blowing
it's so blatant
I won't be a bit timid
it can trick you
and there won't be any treat
no I'm not afraid to
find out no no no
so eager so hungry
to seek out secret
can you conceal it?
when I am after you
(wanna know)
ENTER WORDS to activate
(wanna go)
one more piece to go
it's about the time
to fill it in
(wanna seize)


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