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Shit On You

Artist:D12  Album:Off the Wall 

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(Eminem - 4x) I'll Shit On You Da da, da da, da da (Eminem) I'll Shit On You I will Shit On You I'll Shit On You Girl you know its true I'll Shit On You Bitch or man I'll Shit On You I will Shit On You (Swifty) I remain fatter than gluttony Tapin bombs to the back of record companies Blow them up if they ain't want me The national guard, they scared to hunt me I love beef; I got you hoes duckin me A drug thief, bitch I'll take your marijuana These slugs with keep your ass away from my corner I drown niggaz in hundred degree saunas You can act a fool if ya wanna (biatch!) It's this lyrical piranha Strapped wit a grenade, in the pool with ya mama Attack her by the legs then I pull her to the bottom Twist nothin up like a condom Slap it if you fuckers got a problem When I see 'em, you hoes endin up in a fuckin mausoleum Or hidden in the trunk of a black and gold BM Pull in the garage while you screamin Keep the motor on then I'm leavin (I'll Shit On You!) I'll Shit On You! (Chorus: Eminem) I will shit on you I don't care who you are (I'll Shit On You!) I don't give a fuck about you or your car (I'll Shit On You!) Fuck your house, fuck your jewelry and fuck your watch (I'll Shit On You!) Fuck your wife, fuck your kids, fuck your family (I'll Shit On You!) (Bizarre) i have an eleven inch penis round stick it in your mouth piss n' hope you drowned I'm a alcoholic with the fuckin toilet Pass the hotdogs (Bizarre aren't you Islamic?) Bitch shut your fuckin mouth I'ma keep eatin 'till Richard Simmons comes to my house with a chain saw to cut me out (me out, me out!) I'll fuck your wife, I had sex since I met her Too busy fuckin the 12 year old babysitter And all women ain't shit Only good for cookin, cleanin and sucking dick and thats it (I said it) I was responsible for killin John Candy I got Jonbenet Ramsey in my Ninety Eight Camry I don't give a fuck who you are I'll shit on anybody Truly yours the idiotic Bizarre (Eminem) My adolescent years weren't shit 'till what I do now I never grew up I was born grown, and grew down The older I get, the dumber the shit, I get in The more ignorant, the incident is, I fit in Ignorin the shit how borin it gets When there's no one to hit I don't know when to quit throwin a fit I know I'm a bit flaky but they make me Its they who hate me and say they can take me Its they who legs I brake and make achy Its they who mistake me and make me so angry (I'll Shit On You!) I'll spit on you Start pissin and do the opposite on you You weren't listenin, I said I'll cop a squat on you Start spillin my guts like chicken cordon blew and Straight shit like Notorious B.I.G. did to that bitch on his skit on his last album Pull my pants down and..

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