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Snitch Killas


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FUCK THESE SNITCHES! Spoken: "Yeah, you know. Cause all I'm here to do is watch my ass. Know what I'm sayin'? That ain't my dope, that's Chico's dope. You know what I'm sayin'? So what type of witness protection program you got for me?" Chorus: You keep tellin' all these coppers I'm gonna hurt you 'till you bleed All these niggas in my city, we put snitches six feet deep Tattle-tellin' in the jail and niggas yellin' out your name Tell them po-po all your business get you caught up in the game Fuck these snitches! Verse 1: We got your partner in there since you was at the crime That's how they get you to squeal, them motherfucker's lyin' Nigga, stick with the program and you gonna be all right But if you tell them I did it, I'm stickin' your ass tonight They sayin' "six people saw ya" but I ain't sayin' shit 'till I meet with my lawyer Blowin' smoke up my ass cause if I have to blast I'm mobbin' the fuck out tha murder scene with the hockey mask Lookin' like Jason while them cops is chasin' me Behind the wheel buckin', facin' L-I-F-E Hittin' corners bailin', fish tailin' to the left I heard the motherfuckin' blast shatter out the back They wanna screw me, do me and have me fucked up Put a young G in the system and have me sucked up In the prison block but I ain't goin' there So if you tell on me nigga, you be my hoe in there See I do dirt all up on my lonely cause niggas phoney Givin' up the info on murders and snitchin' on they homies Puttin' lead up in these loud mouth bitch niggas So say what up to the motherfuckin' snitch killa CHORUS Verse 2: See, where I'm from motherfuckas live and let die Snitch killa, the real nigga S-P-I I'm droppin' shells on a bitch See they do a lick with a nigga and get him tellin' and shit I can't stand it when a nigga think he sick in the game Tell everybody who be gafflin' for some bitches and fame I'm gonna blast in the window, indo jack Got me puttin' snitches up on they motherfuckin' back Puttin' hollow up in your head, runnin' in your home Leave these motherfuckers sleepin' with their house lights on Finna kill this snitch ass nigga before my homie go to

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