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Privacy Policy

The “data controller”, as defined in EU Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) or any successor legislation, is SyncPower Corporation, incorporated in Japan. Further information about the data controller is available at http://petitlyrics.com/contents/company.html.
The privacy policy for this application (hereafter, this privacy policy) shall prescribe how the user information shall be handled in the software, application, and/or website provided under the PetitLyrics brand (hereafter, this application), as well as in the PetitLyrics service using this application (hereafter, this service), both of which are offered by the SyncPower Corporation (hereafter, our company).

Article 1 Collected User Information and Collection Methods
User information in this privacy policy shall refer to information related to user (or member) identification, activity logs on communication services, and/or those generated or accumulated in relation to the user’s device.
User information related to this privacy policy and collected by our company shall be classified as follows, depending on how it is collected:
(1) Information supplied by the user
A user who desires to register as a member to use this application shall provide the following information:
∙ Member ID
∙ Password (to be encrypted and managed by our company)
∙ Nickname
∙ Email address
∙ Date of birth
∙ Gender
∙ Prefecture
∙ Any other arbitrary information entered by the user into the form defined by our company
(2) Information supplied by another service linked with this service as permitted by the user from using this service If the user permits an external service, such as a social networking services, to cooperate with this service through use of this service, our company shall collect the following information from the external service as agreed when the user gives permission:
∙ ID of the user used for the external service
∙ Other information the user requests to provide to this service in accordance with the privacy settings of the external service
(3) Information collected by our company when the user uses this service
Our company may collect access logs for this service and information related to service usage. These include the following:
∙ Device information
∙ Log information
∙ Cookies and anonymous IDs
∙ Location information (when the location services feature of the device is turned on)
(4) Other information provided by the user at his or her discretion
When the user inquires about this service or this application, our company may ask the user to provide information (which may include personal information) necessary to contact him or her. If the information provided when the user contacts us includes personal information, we shall never provide a third party with that personal information without prior consent from the user.

Article 2 Purpose of Use
We shall use the user information for any of the following purposes:
(1) To distribute content, such as lyrics data to the user’s device in this service or this application
(2) To accept membership registration and/or identify the user to provide, maintain, protect, and improve this service
(3) To improve the matching ratio between music data stored on the user’s device and the lyrics data stored on our server and/or to expand our lyrics database
(4) To acquire the user information at the OS level in order to implement particular services with this application
(5) To provide information and respond to an inquiry about this service or this application
(6) To calculate royalty distribution to the copyright holders based upon the log information of the distribution of lyrics data
(7) To create statistical data related to this service and other services of our company in a format which disables the identification of individuals
(8) To distribute and/or display ads of our company or third parties in this service or this application
(9) To cope with a violation or possible violation against the terms of use and/or this privacy policy
(10) To address a dispute or lawsuit
(11) For other purposes accompanying the above purposes

Article 3 Consent
Please read and understand this privacy policy before using this application or this service. This privacy policy is displayed on the explanation screen shown when installing this application, and is posted on the Privacy Policy page on this service, and it shall be assumed that the privacy policy has been appropriately published with this display. The user should read and confirm this privacy policy before installing this application.

Article 4 Processing of User Information
Our company shall classify, aggregate, and process the user information according to multiple items to create secondary data in a format which disables identification of individuals, and use the data in this service or any other services of our company in order to acquire and accumulate marketing information, such as lyrics distribution rankings. We may also provide this processed data to a third party.

Article 5 Disclosure and Provision of Information
Our company shall never disclose the user’s information without prior consent from the user except in the base of disclosure and/or provision of such information being explicitly stated in this privacy policy or falling under any of the following conditions:
(1) When disclosure and/or provision of such information is required by law
(2) When disclosure and/or provision of such information is necessary to protect human life, body, or property and obtaining consent from the user is difficult
(3) When our company is required to cooperate with an administrative agency or local public body or an entity entrusted
by them who fulfills a duty as required by law and obtaining consent from the user may hinder the fulfillment
(4) When our company has decided that disclosure and/or provision of such information is necessary according to some norm or socially approved pattern of behavior or thought and obtaining consent from the user is difficult
(5) When there is a merger, corporate split, or any other reason that involves the transfer of business

Article 6 Withdrawal of consent and deletion of data
If the user wishes at any time to withdraw his or her consent for the data controller to process his or her personal data or request that his or her personal data is deleted, he or she must uninstall the application by from his or her device and, if the user is a member, he or she needs to cancel his or her membership.

Article 7 Contact
For inquiries and consultation regarding usage of the user information in this service, send us an e-mail to the following address:
E-mail: info@petitlyrics.com

Article 8 Procedures for Changing This Privacy Policy
Our company reviews the handling of user information and continuously improves this handling, and therefore may modify this privacy policy as necessary. When changes have been made to this privacy policy, our company shall notify the user of the changes by email to the email address provided by the user or using any messaging function forming part of the service. Changes to this privacy policy shall be regarded as accepted if the user continues to use the application or service after the date of change stated in the notice.

Article 9 Relationship with Personal Information Protection Policy
Our company publishes the policy for protecting personal information on the following website. Whenever the personal information protection policy conflicts with this privacy policy, this privacy policy takes priority.

Article 10 Data Processing Outside of the EU
The user understands that the data controller is located outside of the EU. By supplying his or her personal data to register as a member or use this application, the user consents to his or her data being transferred, stored and processed outside of the EU.

Article 11 Cookies
The PetitLyrics website uses cookies, including session and persistent cookies and analytics and third party cookies. By using the application or the PetitLyrics website and agreeing to this privacy policy, the user consents to our use of those cookies. Some of these cookies may be essential for the website to work. The user is free to block cookies using his or her web browser settings.

Established March 12, 2012
Revision February 1, 2016


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