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[Butt] Hey Beavis, eh-heh-heh Remember that time we partied with Run-D.M.C.? [Beav] Yeah yeah, hehhehheh - I took a dump on their bus Hehhehheh [Butt] No dumbass that was Anthrax! Eh-heh I'm talkin about Run-D.M.C. [Beav] Oh yeah yeah heh yeah That was fly - hehheh - we were illin [Butt] Yeah.. eh-heh, huh-huh, eh-huh-huh.. [Beav] Me-heh-heh, me-heh-heh.. he-heh.. heh.. {*music cues flashback*} {*knocking at the door*} [Run] Yo who dat? [Butt] Uhh.. we're like, from Hollis and stuff, uh-huh-heh Can we like, y'know, come in? [Beav] Yeah yeah heh yeah - I'm from Hollis too Ehheheh yeah eh It's Christmas time in Hollis Queens!! Hehhehheh yeah heh-ehheh [Jay] Yo y'all don't like y'all from around the way [Butt] Yeah man, we're like, from Hollis, uh-heh [Jay] What street? [Butt] Uhhhhhhhhhhhh..... uhhhh.. Hollis Street? Huh-uh-huh [Run] Yo that's Hollis Avenue, what street? [Butt] Uhhhh, like uhhhh... [Jay] Yo man get out of here y'all ain't from around the way Stop frontin {*Beavis and Butthead laughing*} [Run] Yo man save that man we ain't tryin to hear that [Butt] Uhhhhhh.. uh-hehhuhheh, uhhhh.. I'm like, a full fledged member of the Hollis Crew [Beav] Yeah yeah hehheh, I'm a full fledged MEMBER! Ehehehhhehheheheh [Run] Aight, c'mon in yo, c'mon c'mon [Jay] Aight yo c'mon that's cool {*door opens to let them in, B+B laughing*} [Beav] Heheh, hey Run, check this out, hehehheheh My name is D.M.C., the all time great!! I bust the most rhymes, in New York State!! [Butt] Huhhuh, eh-hehuhuhuh [Run] Yo chill chill money [Butt] Yeah, CHILL Beavis.. ehehhuhhuh, dumbass [Beav] Hehe heheh yeah heheh [Butt] So like uhh.. are you guys gonna like, kick it old school? [Beav] Yeah yeah, heheh yeah, KICK IT! KICK IT! KICK IT! [Jay] Yo we gettin ready to break fool money [Butt] Uhhh.. can we have some money? Uh-huhuhuhuhuh [Beav] Yeah yeah eheh yeah! It's hard to rock a rhyme!! It's hard to rock a rhyme!! [Run] No no no [Jay] Nah nah [Run] It's tricky, it's TRICKY to rock a rhyme [Butt] Yeah, dumbass! [Beav] Shut up Butt-head! You can't rock a rhyme [Butt] No but I can kick your ass {*fight breaks out, Beavis yells "butthole" and "cut it out!"*} [Run] Aiyyo chill out for a minute and let's just do this Cool out, cool out [Jay] Word up man, calm down with all that riffraff man [Run] Don't be comin around here on all that old wild man Just chill man You in your corner and you in your corner man, just chill Get up off that old wild man [Butt] Beavis started it [Beav] Oh yeah, eh-heheheh, heheheheh [Butt] Yo Beavis, you're ruffing up my Walker Wear [Beav] No way Butt-head, you're wrinkling my fresh gear! Hehe hehehehe this is cool, heheheh [Butt] Are you guys gonna like, "Slam," or like "Get out your seat and Jump Around, a-Jump Around!" [Beav] Yeah yeah, heh yeah like, Like, "Slam! SLAM! Duh-DUH-DUH, DUH-DUH-DUH, DUH-DUH-DUH!" [Run] Yo Beavis slow your roll

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