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Bis vs. Rip
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[Intro: Jack the Ripper sample] Dear Boss, I keep on hearing that the police have caught me But they won't fix me just yet I have laughed when they looked so clever and talked about being on the right track (Rip the Jacker) Yo, you fucking hate me, you fucking lock me in the basement, And you still want me to protect you it doesn't make sense, Can-I-Bitch, I supported you like a weight bench, Without me you're defenseless, you better face it, You ain't show me love when you were at your apex, Getting paychecks up at the radio with DMX and Flex, Catching wreck while Noriega was catching his breath, I had to keep the situation in check, Look at the varicose veins in my neck, Germaine is the best, The industry fucked you I'm just paying them back, What's the matter with slaying Jackers, that's all I been doing, Besides talking shit I ain't done nothing to them, They're just mad ‘cause when I see them I don't run up to them, Between me and you, yo, you know I'll run right through them... (Canibus) Calm down! (Rip the Jacker) Who you telling to calm down, nigga? I'm a Ripper, remember? I told you not to do ‘Gone ‘Til November', But you wouldn't listen, I always had your best interests in mind, I wrote all your best lyrical lines, If it wasn't for me you'd be writing pitiful lines, On stage, if you were tired, I would spit them sometimes, Nobody knew you bit off my rhymes, I would just be quiet, stand to the side and let that shit ride, But I'm getting tired of having to remind you ‘Bis, If it wasn't for me nobody would've signed you ‘Bis... (Canibus) What Rip? Why you tripping? You know it's a crazy business, You're a lying ass bitch and you know it, Group Home was part my company, I co-owned it, If there's one thing I learned in showbiz, stay focused, And don't quit. Rip, why you talking about old shit? (Rip the Jacker) Germaine, you fucking water brain, don't you understand? Fuck the mainstream! You should just call out names, The industry's all about game, I shit on them all the same and I leave spit stains on their brain, Like liquid chocolate spilling over their new white trainers, Insane is an understatement I'm Satan, Canibus is a Mason I don't know what the fuck Germaine is, I just know the both of ya'll are trying my patience, I don't give a fuck about a beat I've been rhyming for ages, Rippers are dangerous all Jackers are afraid of us, You want to face me ‘Bis? Kick a rhyme! (Canibus) That's ridiculous! (Rip the Jacker) All right then listen to mine, I'll jump in a costume impromptu just to rob you, Put the nozzle to your eyeball and tell you what not to do, Rip your tonsils out through your nostrils, Bury you next to shark fossils, make it impossible to find you, Depths that Jacque Cousteau himself wouldn't dare to dive to, With goggles, oxygen bottles and Doppler effect modules, Lock you in a time capsule, smash the console, Shit on you in reverse and suck you in a brown hole, Suck the power out of your soul, You're nothing but a coward in a cold freezer with an hour to go, Watching my Casio stopwatch counting it slow, Like drug lords checking to see if it's talcum or coke, I could kill you by drowning the globe, Or I could just spit inside of a hole and put an ounce in your throat, In battles I'm a thousand and oh, I silence the Pope, Do you know how many rhymes I've economically grossed? No? I thought so. Neither do I, It's a dick between your mother's thighs divided by Pi, I'm the sickest linguistically illicit lyrical misfit in the business, Or probably in existence, what's your consensus? Studied my own syntax statistics since ninety-six with CPA certified assistants, I've made the decision that my

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